Rules & Guidelines

We have simplified system that makes the work convenient for you. We have created rules to follow in order to make system simple and easier:

  • The Writers are strictly forbidden to use any services offering academic services and/or completed assignments. It is also forbidden to use exceptionally internet-portals as their source of work to substitute other literature. Company websites and E-books can constitute no more than 30% of all sources in the assignment.
  • The Students may place these Writers in their blacklists,in circumstances, where the Writer has made a financial or reputational damage. The possible scenarios could be when the Writer has repeatedly violated rules, or the Student's instructions and/or the rules administered by the Service Administration; broke the assignment deadlines, and refused to make correction (within 3 days); or provided assignments with high plagiarism rate. The Administration has the rights to reset the rating of the Writer, or block their account, if a Writer has systematically violated the rules and provided substandard work.
  • Within a specific period of time the Writer must confirm the start of work on the assignment, or the assignment will be returned to the auction and the Writer's rating will be reduced. Users may only pay for the assignments using the options provided by Do not conduct an exchange of payments outside the site (online wallets, bank cards, mobile phones, etc.). The identification of such attempts to exchange contacts, will force the administration to block users; accounts and disclaim any warranty obligations on orders.
  • Payments (withdrawal of funds from a personal account) are processed by the Administration manually on weekdays during working hours.
  • The transfer of copyright for the work is also conducted,after payment fees are transferred. This prohibits the Writer to claim or publicize authorship of the assignment.
  • The final version of the assignment should be uploaded in the format requested by the Student, following all the instructions and the requirements of the Student.
  • If the Student has requested a refund for the work of inappropriate quality, our Service undertakes the privileges to provide the Writer with the requirements. In case, if the situation cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the service may involve independent experts to measure the quality of the assignment performed by the Writer (the dispute of a situation can take up to 5 working days).

    Cases when 100% refund for the Student is made:

    • The work has not been carried out for the correct topic set by the Student (if such is stated, then the Student is required to give an explanation and give specific examples).
    • The Writer does not upload the final version of the assignment before the deadline.
    • There are technical means of plagiarism deception (for example, the use of synonymizing or invisible characters).

    Case when partial (up to 90%) refund for the student is made:

    If a Writer uploads the assignment, and refuses to provide requested corrections (the Student must explain, what percentage of work has not been completed by the Writer).

    After consideration of the complaint and making a decision on a refund to the Student, Administration shall refund the money to Student within 5 working days.The Administration has a right to decline a Student’s request for a refund if he or she didn’t request any corrections, before demanding a refund. If the Writer is consistently online, and is ready to make corrections, the Student must send the work for adjustments at least once.

  • The Administration is the final seller and appears responsible for a refund to the customer.
  • All payments are suspended until the dispute is resolved If there are any disputes about the quality of the assignment.
  • The Service has the right to use punitive sanctions on the Writers if they violate deadlines, have inconsistencies in the completed assignment, or not following the instructions provided by the Student.
  • The Writer must indicate only true and reliable information When filling out the questionnaire.The profile will be blocked, if the contact information is incorrect or untrue.
  • Writers and Students only communicate on the pages of EssayBiz. Do not exchange contact information (e-mail address, Skype id, phone numbers, etc.).The administration will block the user's account, If there are any such attempts of contact information being transferred.
  • Student can download the finished work on the website on in the section "My Orders" or on the order page.
  • A Writer must comply with the time limits and provide the assignment in accordance with the Student's instructions while carrying out an order. Students and Writers are able to chat on the assignment pages for one month after the assignment has been closed.
  • In case the Writer refuses to cooperate with the Service, ignores the requirements of the Student or an Administrator, does not carry out corrections for the Student, delays assignments and breaks the deadlines, allows plagiarism, or is inactive for more than 6 months, Our Service reserves rights to terminate the partnership between the Writer and the Service.

you hereby confirm that you are familiar with the rules of the Service, by working on EssayBiz.